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When Queen Elizabeth came here to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the British settlement in Jamestown, Virginia, George Bush welcomed her to the White House by noting she had last visited when she came to help us “celebrate America’s bicentennial in 177…1976.”

The gaffe drew laughs from the 7,000 spectators and Bush remarked Queen Elizabeth “gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.”

Later, at a black-tie gathering, the queen opened her dinner toast to the president with a playful grin. “Mr President, I wondered whether I should start this toast saying I was here in 1776 but I don’t think I will.”

The guests and Bush erupted with laughter and the queen smiled broadly before continuing with her text.

At the beginning of his toast, Bush said, “Your Majesty, I can’t top that one!”


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2 responses to “QEII

  1. Chrissy, what an interesting observation!!!

    Queen Elizabeth looks so beautiful when she is smiling and laughing with GWB, and you are right, there is no genuine smile when dealing with Østupid.

    Did you notice that the MooMoo was not wearing a bra under that white dress she wore to the banquet. Her boobs were on display to all and sundry… blech!!!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Thanks, Aussie. I did not see pictures of MOO’s nips. I’ll have to go check out Newsbird. She always has the worst of that stuff LOL.

    When I was collecting info for this, I came across one leftie blog about Bush’s 1776 slip that was all “conservatives ignore stuff like this that proves how dumb Bush is, the hypocritics.”

    I can’t be bothered to post on idiotic sites, but I couldn’t help wondering why these people do NOT get the difference between Bush, who could laugh at and good-naturedly take a ribbing over his inevitable goofs and Oblahblah, who does truly cringe-worthy stuff and has hissy fits if anyone notices.

    Did you see the stories about what Obooboo actually DID during that toast? He mucked up the timing of it, started talking, then put his notecards down, lifted his glass and said “A toast to the queen.”

    So duh … the orchestra thought he was done and started playing “God Save the Queen.”

    If Zero didn’t think he was smarter than everyone, he might have bothered with a protocol briefing, which he has clearly NEVER done, given the number of stupid, avoidable mistakes he makes. Then he might have known Royal protocol dictates that everyone stand SILENTLY through “God Save the Queen.”

    Of course, Mr. Multicultie Sensitive YOU should learn Spanish Man of the World … he knew nothing about protocol. And he wasn’t done with his little speech. So rather than just shut the heck up when the music started and everyone stood up, he KEPT TALKING while the music played.

    Then he acted like everyone should take their sip when HE finished yapping, but the rest of the people there knew he was nothing but iggerant trailer trash and stood until the song ended, THEN took their sips.