Alive and Human

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

I split off some of my “Human Rights for All Humans” album into two new and smaller albums.

“Alive and Human from Conception”

focuses on the wonders of pre-natal development while

“Abortion – Is this what you mean by CHOICE?”

focuses on the horrors abortion visits on the unborn. This one has a “Warning: Graphic Images” label on the front so folks who find the pics disturbing will know to avoid it.

Click graphic to embiggen for easier reading.

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2 responses to “Alive and Human

  1. Thanks Chrissy.


  2. A related story: North Carolina budget panel okays $7 million to save lives

    “To me, it is incredible that we would even debate the idea that somehow we can improve the fiscal impact of this state by not allowing children to be born,” Rep. Burt Jones, an independent from Rockingham, said. “I’m a fiscal conservative, but if we’ve got to pay a little more money in this state because more children have the right to be born, then so be it.”