Weekend Path – May 21-22, 2011

By Chrissy the Hyphenated


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  1. Dee

    Uh oh, Chrissy. Was it you or the hubby who had a run in with that tool. What is it? A de-grouter?


    • It looks like one of those gizmos you cut fabric with for quilting — I forget what they’re called. Ouch! Hope it heals up quickly.


      • Dee

        That makes sense, at first I thought the background was tiles with grout!


        • I have to admit, the background does look like tile, Dee. But I took a quilting class years ago and for some reason I remembered that rotary cutter thing, even though I couldn’t remember what it was called. And Chrissy, you are NOT stupid! Everyone has accidents, although admittedly some of us are more accident-prone than others. I rarely get through an entire day without bumping, crushing, burning, bruising, or lacerating some part of myself. Usually it’s minor, thank goodness, but I always seem to be scarred and/or bruised somewhere. My husband and kids are the same way. We go through band-aids by the gross, and I always keep a couple of cold packs in the freezer….


          • chrissythehyphenated

            Only a couple? LOL I think we have four.

            They’re wonderful for not just injuries, but also cooling off and for soothing headaches and too-long-at-the-puter stiff necks.

            As for stupid … I wasn’t angry about having an accident. (You and I share that Klutz Gene, bob!) I was angry at myself for using a razor sharp tool when I was steaming mad at Dearest. Now THAT really is stupid.

            We got into a tiff about something ridiculous. I have been sleeping badly this week, muy cranky face witchy woman. Totally my fault … are you reading this, SalTEADog?

            Anyway, he wisely retreated to his basement office where I only go under duress (i.e., he’s away and the modem crashes … the rebooty thingie is down there).

            I had to blow off steam somehow, but I’d have been much better off if I’d chosen a wet rag and some nice safe patch of dirty FLOOR!

            sigh. I do these “angry, stupid woman” things about once a year. Apparently, that is how long it takes me to forget the last time.

            The worst one sent me to the ER. I slammed a drawer extra, EXTRA hard, just to, you know, PUNCTUATE whatever I was yelling at my poor hubby. Caught my pinky in there … dear God in Heaven, but that hurt.

            That was … 1983 maybe. It’s good to know I managed to learn ONE thing fairly permanently LOL.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          The background is a self-healing cutting mat marked off in inches.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        bob’s right. It’s a rotary cutter for fabric. And it’s my own stupid fault I sliced my thumb. I was being lazy and cutting freehand without a ruler. I’ve NEVER cut myself when I have used a ruler. Argh.

        Fortunately … my left thumb is the only one I don’t need for typing!

        Also, I learned that cinnamon really does work well as a blood coagulant. I was bleeding like a stuck pig until I sprinkled some on a tissue, slapped it on and wrapped it tight with masking tape.

        I do have medical gauze and tape LOL but they were all the way in the bathroom. I was cutting on my kitchen table, so grabbed what was nearest.


  2. Dee

    Herman Cain announces today. If you have cable you can watch it live on Fox at 11 est.



  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Lil Buzz’s Grand Adventure Update:

    He and Mama Buzz have moved on to a new State in Our Grand Union. New cousins, new grand and great grand-parents. New playgrounds and toys to explore.

    The weekend thread graphic is thanks to a lack of ID-neutral imagery from Mama Buzz, plus my need to vent about my own stupidity.