Thursday’s Path – May 19, 2011

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

I’m so excited by this! When the first cousin in this branch of the clan was born, I made one of my fancy schmancy play pads. But a family only needs one of those, so for the second cousin, I commissioned this super sturdy log cabin.

The artist was selling a variation I liked, but I had ideas, like changing the top board from pointy to flat. I figure … kids are GOING to climb on the thing. Might as well make it just that little bit safer, maybe spare the folks a trip or two to the ER for head CTs.

I also had him put a sealant on the bottom. The stain he used is safe for kids, but doesn’t seal in the wood’s natural acidity. It’s a heavy piece and was likely to sit on a carpeted floor, in one spot, for years at a time. The acid would ruin the carpet.

The artist told me when we were done that he liked my ideas so much, he was incorporating them into his regular line. :o)

Over the next couple of years’ holidays, we splurged on this line of sturdy wooden doll house furniture, appliances and a car or two.

I am SO TICKLED to see our Lil Buzz enjoying it all!

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7 responses to “Thursday’s Path – May 19, 2011

  1. Today’s MOTUS :

    They want to take potatoes and other starches out of school lunches? My kids would have starved to death during those “finicky” years !


  2. Dee

    That’s such a neat cabin!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks! As I recall, the carpenter was doing it as a hobby and selling them on eBay. I contacted him to do a custom job and we had such fun working out the details.

      It has some features I didn’t mention, like the front door has a number plate with the number of the niece’s real house on it and on the bottom he wood burned a message from him and from us just to her.

      I especially liked how strong, small and neutral it was, as compared to a traditional doll house. I thought it was more likely to survive for future generations and be more storage friendly after the kids outgrew it, plus have more play value for imaginative kids who could designate it was any kind of structure with any kind of room or rooms.

      I was homebound long before it was built and I had it shipped direct, so I’ve never seen it in person. But I have received some photos of the aunties and uncles playing with it LOL. And it seems to be in great shape after two kids, so hopefully it’ll be around for those kids’ children and maybe even longer.


  3. Got this one from Housemom:

    A woman applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job, given her liberal arts degree and her previous jobs as a social worker and school teacher.

The foreman said, “I have to ask you this. Have you had any actual experience picking lemons?”

”Well, as a matter of fact, I have,” she said. “I’ve been divorced three times, I’ve owned two Chryslers, and I voted for Obama.”