More Leftist hypocrisy

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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I wonder how many Leftist protesters would agree to THIS:

So I’m back from SERE school…

I spent Thursday through Thursday in the field, during which time they gave us half an apple. Total. I personally killed a lizard (fast little buggers), cut its head and legs off, and ate it. Tasted like shrimp tails. I lost 17 lbs over the course of the adventure.

Then there was the sleep. We had no blankets/sleeping bags/etc. so we were sleeping in the open in ~20-30 weather, when it was a soaring 95-105 during the day. Meaning very little sleep took place.

And that’s the first few days when we were allowed to sleep. After that we were running from the “bad guys” so we didn’t sleep much because it was easiest to move from point to point at night.

I made it to the siren when everyone has to come out, so I wasn’t caught by the bad guys at all. At one point I was hiding in tall grass and a bad guy stepped over me – saw the bottoms of his feet. Pretty slick, I’d say.

The POW camp part is all classified, and I don’t know how I could ever put it into words. The most dehumanizing, mentally and physically difficult experience of my life, especially after 5 days of no sleep and no food. Except my buddy the lizard.

One thing I can say… my home was a 2.5’x3’x4′ box. You don’t know back pain till you live in one of those, I tell you what.

Altogether I’m extremely glad I went. It was VERY rewarding, and I’m very proud of myself for pulling it off, with honors.


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6 responses to “More Leftist hypocrisy

  1. Dee

    Yesterday’s Ricochet podcast had John Yoo on it. If you’ll remember, Yoo was villified by the left for his memos on water boarding. It was nice to hear from him after Bin Laden’s death.


  2. I’ve heard horror stories about SERE school before — yikes! I wouldn’t last ten minutes. I am in awe of the people who do this and get through it! I can’t even imagine that level of courage and determination.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thank you, Denise! That is a GREAT post. I’m going to mail it out to my bloggy buds. Do you think it would be okay if we bumped it up to “blog” level here? I think a lot of our visitors don’t get into the comments section and, frankly, I think this thing should be read by as many as possible!