AP’s bs Obama approval poll

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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7 responses to “AP’s bs Obama approval poll

  1. In other news, a poll is out;
    It shows Obama’s hold is stout
    Among the leftist, liberal crew,
    And those with Marxist points of view.

    The sample size, albeit small,
    Includes three fellows with a drawl,
    Who voted for the GOP,
    By accident, in ’Sixty Three.

    We added ’bout a thousand more
    Voters who supported Gore,
    And every single person keen
    To hang a chad for Howard Dean.

    We crunched the numbers once or twice,
    And found a way to slice and dice
    Results so we could represent
    Barack’s support: Sixty Percent!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ROFLLLLLL!!! Brilliant!!! I hope we see you again real soon, Bard!!!

      And you make such an interesting point … after skewing that poll beyond asurdity, all they could get was 60%? Really?



    • Oh Bard of Murdock, welcome, sir!
      Your presence honors us, for sure!
      To you the garden gate is open;
      That you will call again we’re hopin’.
      So any day you have the time
      To stop and share your thoughts in rhyme
      You have an open invitation;
      We love you here at PoliNation.


    • ^5 Bard ! I’m such a fan 😀


  2. Speaking of Murdoch (of the A-Team), which is what the Bard brought to MY mind–did you know he’s a rock-solid conservative (along with FaceMan) who had trouble getting work in Hollywood once his political views were known? The first time I heard him guest host on the Rusty Humphries Show, and he identified himself with his fictional persona–well, it’s a good thing I don’t have false teeth, because I would’ve dropped them right out of my mouth!

    Nice rhyme. Come back the next time your meter is running…


  3. Ting

    That was a treat! I am so glad that Chrissy had the perfect place for you to post it!