With apologies to Pistol Pete…

I know we agreed to keep PoliNation a royal-wedding-free zone, but this is just too funny not to share. (I lifted it from FranklyTheNut’s Facebook page.)

Just a coincidence?


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7 responses to “With apologies to Pistol Pete…

  1. chrissythehyphenated


    (For the record, the Disney prince and step-sisters were photoshopped to match. The prince had red pants, a cream jacket and darker hair. The step sisters wore pink and green.)


  2. Oh goody, a Royal topic 😀


    I don’t see that they’re the SAME, it’s a classic style with a tweek here and there.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    ITA. And what’s the diff anyhoo. It was beautifully designed, fitted, sewn, chosen for her particular body. Flattering, modest. I loved it.

    And what the heck can you do that hasn’t been done before anyway … it’s a white dress. You know … for a human being with two arms and two legs.

    Sheesh. Unless you want to go whacko like certain hat wearers did which I’m so glad she did NOT.