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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Standing within a cartel shot of the Mexican border, Obama called for comprehensive immigration reform to show impatient Hispanic supporters that he’s trying to deliver on all those past promises of a path to citizenship.

Never mind that he has no intention of introducing such legislation and knows full well that if he did, it would never pass this Congress.

He also mocked Republicans for never being satisfied and always changing the conditions about what’s needed to secure the border, saying:

“Maybe they’ll say we need a moat. Or alligators in the moat.”

Classy. Just what we all thought he meant by that “new kind of politics”, right?

H/t Legal Insurrection

A few hours later, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer responded, saying she hoped the Democrat’s trip to El Paso, Texas was not just “about locking down votes in 2012.”

Of course, she and everyone else knows that is EXACTLY what the trip and the speechifying were about.

Brewer also said,

“First, the President should have come to the Arizona border, where I have invited him repeatedly. He should have spoken to our ranchers, who live with drug-runners and human-smugglers crossing their lands. He should have met with our law enforcement officers, who are frequently outgunned by the heavily-armed cartels.

“Nearly half of our nation’s border apprehensions occur in Arizona. Our state remains America’s gateway for illegal immigration, and we continue to bear the brunt of the federal government’s failure on this issue. If the President felt confident in declaring the border secure, he should have come to tell the people of Arizona face-to-face.

“Everyone can agree our immigration system is broken. Any reasonable fix will require the good-faith efforts of state leaders, members of Congress, local officials, the business community and the White House. But the people of America won’t be fooled again. They know that any talk of a path to citizenship is simply amnesty by another name. And they’re smart enough to recognize a political ploy when they see it. I’m afraid today’s announcement is simply more of the ‘promise something, do nothing, blame someone’ political spin we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Washington. That would be a shame.”

As for Obama’s allegations that “stepped-up enforcement is getting results”, take that with a pound of salt (just as you must with anything that comes out of this liar’s mouth).

May 6, 2011: Newsmax reported that Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever told them:

  • The U.S. Border Patrol has told its agents to stop arresting illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico to keep the illegal immigration numbers down.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder is “holding hands with the ACLU” to protect illegal aliens from prosecution.
  • There’s a bad element in the mix of the aliens that are crossing that border and they don’t stay there, they move into communities throughout the country. And every day there are travesties and heinous crimes being committed by those people.
  • In one district in Texas, illegals are allowed to be caught crossing the border 14 times before being charged with a felony, and federal smuggling charges are not considered unless at least six illegal aliens are being smuggled into the country.

Dever is sheriff of Cochise County, which shares an 83-mile border with Mexico, and he says his Border Patrol sector is responsible for half of all illegal aliens caught trying to enter the country and halt the narcotics entering the United States.


PLAGIARISM ALERT! In the interests of full disclosure, I lifted entire segments from these articles and used them without attribution or quotation marks. Bad me. Usually, I try to do better, but I’m just so tired today. YAWN. Sorry.





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