I’d trust a Soldier over a Leftist any day!

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man
By LUKE MOGELSON Published: April 27, 2011

“Military lawyers say that legal actions for supposed crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan spiked after Abu Ghraib. Commanders, wary of being accused of turning a blind eye to misconduct, became far more likely to recommend investigations; investigators, subject to similar concerns, became far more likely to recommend criminal charges. In some cases, defense lawyers say, such a climate resulted in overzealous prosecutions of honorable men doing the best they could in unconventional, complicated wars.

At the same time, it seems safe to say, cases like the pending courts-martial at Joint Base Lewis-McChord afford only glimpses of the horrors those wars can sometimes occasion.”

In other words, damn the fact the military is trying to do the best it can to train and deploy responsible men and women. And damn the fact that soldiers who go outside the lines of acceptable behavior are tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. Let’s just all ASSUME that “of course” those evil people who volunteer to become warriors are, at heart, BEASTLY and INHUMAN.

Yeah, right. Like anyone at the New York Slime even has ANY context, never mind room to talk about MORALITY.

Besides, check out these GALLUP polls. 

The LOWEST confidence in the military happened because of Carter’s ineptitude. Even when Bush, Gitmo, Haditha, Abu Ghraib, etc. were all being barbecued by the Left, confidence never dropped below 69%.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2725018910056011884IPGLqv

Look who is at the TOP with 89%. And check out where newspapers are … 25%.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2735142330056011884BTgIrN

Again, check out military vs reporters. ::snort::

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2743627290056011884uVfSFj

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