Amuse Yeux

By Chrissy the Hyphenated [click graphics to embiggen for easier reading]

I’ve been graphicking up a storm … way too much new stuff to put it ALL up here, so I thought I’d do something like what we GOP Bitter Clingers call Pot Luck and Democrats snootily refer to as Amuse Bouche.

But since it’s for Chrissy’s Site Bites, I thought I’d call it Amuse Yeux cuz I took French once upon a time. And I know how to Google Translate what I don’t remember from Madame Diamond.

So … did you get it? Amuse yeux, delight the eyes? Sound bite, bite sized ideas in graphics, sight bites? A web site for sight bites = site bites?

I figgered you conservative bumpkins might need it explained. [Not really. Just feeling snarky after graphicking all this nastiness from the oh-so-tolerant elitist Left.]

In the “Identity Politics – The Ugly Side of Leftist Tolerance” album

In the “Democrats – Keepin’ it classy” album

In the “Values – Bush v Obama” album

In the “Sir Golfsalot and other sports related stuff” album

In the “ObamaCare” album

In the “Climate Politics & Energy Prices” album

I saved a funny one for last. Not my joke. I either saw it here or it came in an email. I just dropped it into a jpg file and posted it.

In the “Second Amendment” album


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7 responses to “Amuse Yeux

  1. The fine print at the bottom of the last one identifies it as coming from bluebird of bitterness, but I am not the originator — I stole it from Denise at Stealth Magnolia. 🙂


  2. Ting

    Oh, boy! You have been so busy, Chrissy! These are great, and humorous, too.


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