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Yeah, that’ll work!

2014_08 Fast Food strike


Cartoonist Gary Varvel: The minimum wage hike and job losses



Prescription: Minimum Wage Increase


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The failure of Spain’s “green” energy experiment

Spain’s aggressive government support for renewable energy caused utility prices to skyrocket. While costs for energy and everything that uses energy rose sharply, jobs disappeared. With more people needing welfare and fewer producers paying taxes, the Spanish government was forced to admit in 2012 that it simply cannot afford to continue subsidizing “green” energy.

Spain The cost of pushing green

Obama told us to “look to Spain.” I couldn’t agree more.


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Obamacrats and the Pain of Joblessness

Coexist with anyone but Republicans

Democrats say they are the party of the people who CARE. Bull. They’ve been in charge in Washington since January of 2007. They OWN the pain of all the Americans who are unemployed and underemployed because of their ineptness and job-killing policies, but they spend most of their time spewing lies about Republicans.

Legislation must be passed by BOTH the House of Representatives AND the Senate, and THEN it must be signed by the President before becoming law. The political party that holds majority control of two (or three) of these three entities has dominance over policy.

For 2007-2008, when the recession began, Democrats had the majority in both the House and the Senate. Republican President Bush gets blamed for the recession, but it was Democrats (including Obama in the Senate) who were calling the shots in Washington.

For 2009-2010, Democrats not only gained the White House, but also enjoyed large majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. With a super majority, Obamacrats were free to do anything they wanted to fix the economy. But while other nations affected by the global recession were showing strong job recovery, the United States experiened more and worse job losses. The Obamacrat Super Majority continued to blame Bush and the eeeeeeevil Republicans, all of whom were mysteriously powerful despite being (a) retired and (b) in the minority.

For 2011-2012, Democrats had the White House and the Senate, while Republicans had the House of Representatives. Obamacrats continued to blame Bush and the eeeeevil Republicans in the House for blocking economic recovery.

For 2013-2014, Democrats again have the White House and the Senate, while Republicans have just the House of Representatives.

  • Since the current session of Congress began in January 2013, the Republican-majority House of Representatives has passed FORTY JOBS BILLS.
  • The Democrat-majority Senate under Harry Reid has refused to discuss or vote on any of them!
  • Yet Obamacrats continue to blame the Republican-majority House for blocking economic recovery.
  • (Obama has also blamed the weather, ATM machines, an earthquake in Japan and numerous other absurdities, none of which touches the real issue, which is his inept leadership.)

Below is a graph comparing the depth of job losses and the number of months to recovery for all post-WWII recessions. I have highlighted four of these and given the month count to recovery for each. I chose:

  • YELLOW: The quickest recovery (1980) when Democrat President Carter had an all-Democrat Congress;
  • BLUE: The second worst recession for total job losses (1948) when Democrat President Truman had an all-Republican Congress;
  • BROWN: The post 9/11 recession when Republican President Bush had an all-Republican Congress; and
  • RED: The All-Democrat 2007-20014 debacle that lasted six and a half YEARS.

Job losses and recoveries by month

Below is a graph comparing long-term joblessness from 1969 to present. Until Obamacrats took over, long-term joblessness never topped short-term, even when overall joblessness rose. Thanks to people like Obama, Reid and Pelosi, long-term joblessness not only topped short-term, but actually sky-rocketed to unprecedented levels.

1969 - 2015 Unemployment by Duration w Party Majority

So yeah … you hard-core Democrats … you just keep right on believing that yours is the party of the people who CARE, cuz that’ll be way easier for you than facing up to the fact that you’re so filled with hate and prejudice for your fellow Americans who vote (R) that you can’t even see straight.


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Thanks for nothing, Obama voters!

Megyn Kelly says how bad it is [1:22]

DOHbama administration scandals

June 24, 2014: Economy shrank 2.9% in 1Q, worst drop since ’09

2014 Obama's FAILED administration


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The Democrat Elite

Hillary Clinton told Dianne Sawyer she can relate to the pain of average America, because … you know … she and Bill left the White House “dead broke” and had to “really struggle.”  Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Bill and Hillary left the White House with Bill’s presidential pension, a guaranteed minimum income of $200,000/year.
  • Bill then received a $12 million advance on his memoir. It is estimated that he has earned around $41 million since as a speaker and another $15 million for investment advice.
  • Hillary has earned about $5 million in speaking fees, plus her salaries as a New York Senator and then Secretary of State.
  • Their home in Bedford Hills, NY, is worth nearly $11 million.

The average employed American household earns about $50,000 per year. The Clintons pull down $200,000 for a single speech.  But yeah … I’m sure they know what regular Americans are facing in this Democrat economy she and her cronies helped create. NOT.

Democrat Economy




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Wreaking havoc from sea to shining sea

Bush vs Obama vacay costs

Obama and his cronies have gotten richer, but the people who most strongly supported Obama and his ‘crats — Blacks — have gotten poorer.

  • The unemployment rate for Blacks is DOUBLE the national average.
  • The labor force participation rate for Blacks is at its lowest since December of 1977.
  • The labor force rate for Black MALES is at its lowest ever.

No Obama sticker

The so-called “Dream Act” is another of those Obamacrat moves that is resulting in real harm to our most vulnerable citizens. In order to provide college assistance to illegal aliens, Florida is being forced to take that aid away from legal citizens.

Planners estimate that approximately 5,000 illegal aliens will qualify under the federally-mandated, state-funded program and that about that same number of legal citizen students will be deprived of tuition assistance they would have otherwise received.

Obama USS Barack Obama

President Obama issued one of his “I can do whatever I want” executive orders in February to raise the minimum wage for new federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

Nursing homes that receive subsidized care from the Veterans Administration have two choices: raise their minimum wage workers nearly $3 per hour each OR throw their military veterans out on the streets.

At least one nursing home company has done the math and figured out the additional labor expenses are impossible. They have no choice but to go with door number two.



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What we wish our leaders cared about

January 22, 2014: Quinnipiac Poll

What do you think should be the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?

(Note: This was an open-ended question, not a multiple choice question.)

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 18% responded “Healthcare”

Here are the responses as grouped and ranked by CtH:

48% = Economy worries and stuff the Feds are supposed to do (combined)

  • 16% Jobs/Unemployment
  • 15% Economy(General)
  • 12% Budget and Taxes (combined)
    • 4% Budget(General)
    • 3% Budget deficit
    • 2% Budget(Gov spending)
    • 1% Budget (Other)
    • 1% Taxes(General)
    • 1% Military Issues/Benefits
  • 2% Foreign Policy
  • 2% Immigration Issues
  • 1% Obama resign

36% = Social engineering stuff the Feds are NOT supposed to do (combined)

  • 18% Healthcare
  • 2% Education (General)
  • 1% Wages/Minimum Wage
  • 1% Income inequality
  • 1% Class inequality
  • 1% Social Issues/Social Services
  • 1% Gun Issues/Policy/Control
  • 1% Environment

24% = People who don’t pay enough attention to answer intelligently (combined)

  • 10% Other (less than 1% each)
  • 9% Don’t Know / No Answer
  • 4% Bipartisan/Cross party lines/ Coop to get things done
  • 1% Candidate cares about people

January 27, 2014: Pew Opinion Poll

Which of the following should Congress and the President make a top priority?

Note: This was NOT an open-ended question. Percents given were for those who says YES to top priority.

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 80% Strengthening the Economy

Issues more or less evenly split Republican vs. Democrat:

  • 80% Strengthening nation’s economy
  • 74% Improving job situation
  • 73% Defending against terrorism
  • 69% Improving education
  • 66% Securing Social Security
  • 63% Reducing budget deficit
  • 61% Securing Medicare
  • 59% Reducing health care costs
  • 55% Reducing crime
  • 55% Reforming the nation’s tax system
  • 45% Dealing with nation’s energy problem
  • 42% Reducing the influence of lobbyists
  • 41% Dealing with illegal immigration
  • 39% Improving infrastructure
  • 28% Dealing with global trade

Issues predominantly Democrat:

  • 49% Helping poor and needy
  • 49% Protecting environment
  • 29% Dealing with global warming

Issues predominantly Republican:

  • 43% Strengthening the military
  • 39% Dealing with moral breakdown



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Slam Book: The New Standard in Professional Broadcast Journalism

2014_01 31 NBC calls GOP reprehensive party

ABOVE: Screenshot from NBC’s Miami affiliate segment below. You can see where someone at NBC added the “Reprehensive …” between 1:36 and 1:46. It is near the top of the screen; you might need to use full screen mode.

WTVJ Miami Full Segment With RPOF Web Ad [2:08]

Slam book @


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