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What we wish our leaders cared about

January 22, 2014: Quinnipiac Poll

What do you think should be the top priority for President Obama and Congress in 2014?

(Note: This was an open-ended question, not a multiple choice question.)

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 18% responded “Healthcare”

Here are the responses as grouped and ranked by CtH:

48% = Economy worries and stuff the Feds are supposed to do (combined)

  • 16% Jobs/Unemployment
  • 15% Economy(General)
  • 12% Budget and Taxes (combined)
    • 4% Budget(General)
    • 3% Budget deficit
    • 2% Budget(Gov spending)
    • 1% Budget (Other)
    • 1% Taxes(General)
    • 1% Military Issues/Benefits
  • 2% Foreign Policy
  • 2% Immigration Issues
  • 1% Obama resign

36% = Social engineering stuff the Feds are NOT supposed to do (combined)

  • 18% Healthcare
  • 2% Education (General)
  • 1% Wages/Minimum Wage
  • 1% Income inequality
  • 1% Class inequality
  • 1% Social Issues/Social Services
  • 1% Gun Issues/Policy/Control
  • 1% Environment

24% = People who don’t pay enough attention to answer intelligently (combined)

  • 10% Other (less than 1% each)
  • 9% Don’t Know / No Answer
  • 4% Bipartisan/Cross party lines/ Coop to get things done
  • 1% Candidate cares about people

January 27, 2014: Pew Opinion Poll

Which of the following should Congress and the President make a top priority?

Note: This was NOT an open-ended question. Percents given were for those who says YES to top priority.

The SINGLE BIGGEST RESPONSE: 80% Strengthening the Economy

Issues more or less evenly split Republican vs. Democrat:

  • 80% Strengthening nation’s economy
  • 74% Improving job situation
  • 73% Defending against terrorism
  • 69% Improving education
  • 66% Securing Social Security
  • 63% Reducing budget deficit
  • 61% Securing Medicare
  • 59% Reducing health care costs
  • 55% Reducing crime
  • 55% Reforming the nation’s tax system
  • 45% Dealing with nation’s energy problem
  • 42% Reducing the influence of lobbyists
  • 41% Dealing with illegal immigration
  • 39% Improving infrastructure
  • 28% Dealing with global trade

Issues predominantly Democrat:

  • 49% Helping poor and needy
  • 49% Protecting environment
  • 29% Dealing with global warming

Issues predominantly Republican:

  • 43% Strengthening the military
  • 39% Dealing with moral breakdown



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Slam Book: The New Standard in Professional Broadcast Journalism

2014_01 31 NBC calls GOP reprehensive party

ABOVE: Screenshot from NBC’s Miami affiliate segment below. You can see where someone at NBC added the “Reprehensive …” between 1:36 and 1:46. It is near the top of the screen; you might need to use full screen mode.

WTVJ Miami Full Segment With RPOF Web Ad [2:08]

Slam book @


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The Straw Man known as “Trickle-Down Economics”

The Left preaches as a point of faith that Republicans are EEEVIL because we support something called “trickle-down economics.”

But “preaching” and “faith” are as close as you can get to justifying their oft-repeated statement.

The fact is that nobody supports “trickle-down economics” because there is no such thing!

It exists nowhere except in the “Republicans are EEEVIL” rantings of Democrat politicians and their lapdog talking heads.

Even if you limit the definition of this non-existent theory to something like “high taxes are bad for the economy,” you still don’t get to a Republicans-only place.

Democrat Presidents Kennedy and Wilson BOTH said high taxes are bad for the economy.

What the Left wants us to infer from their trickle rantings is that it is Democrat, not Republican policies that boost people out of poverty.

The historical record shows just the opposite.

2012 to 2001 US Labor Force and Political Party Control


The ‘Trickle-Down’ Lie by Thomas Sowell – January 7, 2014


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Who is the real sellout?

DEM run every ghetto

Who is the real sellout?

By Allen West – December 11, 2013

One of the many insidious monikers hurled at black conservatives is “sellout.” Black liberals who fear the rise of independent-thinking blacks are threatened by those of us who refuse to be stuck on the 21st century economic plantation of the white progressive socialists.

I find it absolutely disgusting how the black community continues to fawn over a person who took it upon himself to make one of his first decrees the cancellation of the DC school voucher program for young deserving black children. That person of course is President Barack Obama.

And his policies continue to damage the black community. Case in point: Tom Allison of the Huffington Post shows the abject decimation of opportunity for young blacks ages 16-24.

Allison writes:

Nearly one in four black 16- to 24-year-olds was out of work in November, compared to only about one in ten white workers in the same age group.

In other words, as we enter the sixth year of the Obama economy, the failed economic policies of the “first black president” are exacerbating the unemployment of all black Americans. While Obama is yukking it up taking “selfies” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows in November 2013 black workers aged 25 to 34 had an unemployment rate of 13.6 percent. A year ago the rate was 12.7 percent. This is more than double the rate of white workers in the same age group at 5.9 percent.

Black workers have consistently seen higher unemployment rates that whites, but these numbers are certainly disturbing, and epidemic.

Allison states,

The fact that the nation’s black young adults are worse off than they were a year ago should be a serious concern for our nation’s leaders. The recovery is slow enough as it is, but the widening the racial gap among young people makes this issue even more urgent to address.

But is it actually a concern for Obama and the coalition of race baiting, poverty-prophet black leaders? Combine this with the deplorable state of the black family, crumbling inner cities, astronomical murder and incarceration rates, and you have a recipe for disaster. However, as former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Emmanuel Cleaver stated, “President Obama knows he has a certain amount of deference given to him. But if there were anyone other than him in the White House we would be marching.”

So I ask all of you proud black liberals, who is the real sellout? Those of us who offer solutions for economic growth, education, restoration of the black family, and a future of opportunity — or your self-proclaimed messiah incarnate President Obama who is selling you to his white progressive socialist masters for your blind obedience and vote?


Bolding added by CtH


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December Jobs Numbers

December 2013 saw 74,000 new jobs added to the American economy.

  • Economists had expected December 2013 would produce a minimum of 120,000 new jobs.
  • American businesses need to add 200,000 new jobs each month just to keep pace with population growth.

How did Democrat leaders respond to news of yet another increase in the number of unemployed Americans?

At 8:00 a.m. on January 10, 2014, the White House crowed about how many jobs had been created on their watch.

2014_01 10 800 am WH tweet

Three minutes later, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid shook his finger at Republicans for stalling on extending unemployment benefits. 

2014_01 10 803 am Reid tweet

Do these people talk to each other?

Harry Reid government

So how is it … if the economy produced way fewer jobs than needed just to keep unemployment even, the “Unemployment Rate” number somehow dropped from 7.0% to 6.7%?

Simple. The “Unemployment Rate” is a phony statistic that totally ignores those who have given up hope.

2014_01 Unemployment for real

Any media report crowing about Obama’s economic recovery is lying to cover his Democrat butt.


H/t itooktheredpill


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The H is for Hypocrite

2014_01 04 The H is for Hypocrite

Fact Check: There are two sides to Congress – the Senate and the House. The Senate has a Democrat majority and a Democrat leader, Sen. Harry Reid. They ALL went home for the holidays.

Plus, the deal they brokered included allowing unemployment extensions to expire (which the right wanted) AND cutting pensions for military veterans (which the left wanted).

So cry me a river, Barry you freaking hypocrite. While you were sunning and golfing and sucking on shaved ice on our dime, we were stuck at home getting a crap-load of global warming dumped on our heads.


H/t Pistol Pete


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Equal outcome vs. Equal opportunity

Equality of Outcome: What Obamacrats and RINOs stand for.

Equality of Opportunity: What the Right Wingnuts in the Tea Party stand for.

2010_10 Equality of outcome D vs of opportunity R

If I’m Unemployed, Why Would I Be A Republican? [1:19]

H/t Pistol Pete

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The Unemployment Rate Bait-and-Switch

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has been calculating the Unemployment Rate every month since January 1948. During Bill Clinton’s first year in office, his administration cooked up a new category called Discouraged Workers (jobless American who want work, but have stopped looking because the job market is so bad). Since January 1994, the BLS has been EXCLUDING these jobless workers from the official Unemployment Rate.

BLS Compl Hist Unemployment Rate 1948 to 2013

Common sense would dictate that Discouraged Workers be tracked as a subset of the Unemployed, not excluded like they were somehow not unemployed anymore. But since when do Democrats ever use common sense? Clinton’s statistical chicanery has had a really screwy side-effect that Democrats exploit to their political benefit:

  • When the economy is BAD, more people become discouraged enough to quit looking so the BLS moves them from Unemployed to Discouraged. Net result: The Unemployment Rate goes DOWN.
  • When the economy IMPROVES, more people become encouraged enough to start looking for work again so the BLS moves them from Discouraged to Unemployed. Net result: The Unemployment Rate goes UP.

This allows the Lamestream Media to spin the monthly jobless reports in a way that most benefits Democrats. Since it’s been Obama in the Oval Office during our latest period of historically bad joblessness, the MSM trumpets each “improved” Unemployment Rate report as yet another sign of Teh Won’s wonderfulness.

And if you happen to mention that Obama is the first president to create more than a MILLION jobless workers too depressed to get off the couch, then you’re a dirty RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST TEA BAGGER

BLS Compl Hist Discouraged Wkrs 1994 - 2013

If the economy were to improve under Obama (not holding my breath), the Unemployment Rate would rise, at which point the talking heads would carefully explain to us at great length and with lots of experts and charts that it was because Discouraged Workers were now re-entering the job market, so woohoo Obama!


BLS: Unemployment Rate @

The official (but faux) “total unemployment” rate used for media and political sound bytes and headlines. This statistic is reported as a percent of the employable population, which includes civilian, non-institutionalized Americans ages 16 and over, so basically not soldiers, jailbirds or children. The total employable population number changes.

BLS: Discouraged Workers @

This statistic is reported as an actual number of individuals, not as a percent of employable population, making it very difficult to correlate with the Unemployment Rate.

NOTE: These time series pages are easy to use, but really hard to find at the BLS website. If you want to access them again, bookmark them. 

H/t itooktheredpill for my bookmarks!

P.S., If it makes you angry that the tax-funded Bureau of Labor Statistics has been corrupted by Democrats, join the club.


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