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“I can’t be a Christian and stay in the Democrat party.”

82 Yr Old Grandmother Voting Straight Republican; Tired of Democrats [2:06]

October 22, 2014: Joyce, an 82 year old lifelong black Democrat called C-Span to express her dismay with her party and announce that she voted straight Republican this year. She is dismayed with the Democrats stance on religion, abortion, and the poor effects of Obama’s policies on the black community and the country.

“I have noticed in years what the Democratic party has done to my people. Unemployment is higher in the black community….than anywhere else.

I cannot say, there’s no way I can continue to say that I was a Christian and stay in the Democrat party. They advocate the killing of babies, they advocate taking from the doers and giving to the ones sitting doing nothing…….”

She continued by saying that it is not racist to say that Obama isn’t an effective President. She said it is foolish to play the race card.

“This man is destroying this country…He said he was going to transform American and that is what he is doing.”

Tea Party is not racist


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Ten Buck Friday: Week Three of our Drive for a Psychosis-Free U.S. Senate

Week Three of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly Go where our nation needs to be!
Focusing on the Senate races (Republicans need just six seats to oust the Dimbulb from Searchlight, Harry Reid as majority leader, ten to show Obama what the country really thinks of him!), is it worth ten bucks a week (1 1/2 lbs. of bacon?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again?  Just yesterday, our Senate voted to approve the most controversial part of President Obama’s ‘plan’ to combat ISIS by arming and training Syrian rebels who are known to be, largely themselves, associated with ISIS.  If we had just a few more Republicans in the Senate, we would not be faced with suicidal action like this.

With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in AR. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Tom Cotton?

Real Clear Politics has Cotton up 1.7 points on the average, and rates the state as a toss up.

You can contribute to Tom Cotton here. Good luck and Godspeed, Tom!

Also consider these other important close races!
Contribute to Dan Sullivan Here
Contribute to Tom Cotton Here
Contribute to Joni Ernst Here
Contribute to Bill Cassidy Here
Contribute to Thom Tillis Here

(If you mark your contribution as “Ten Buck Friday”, they’ll see if the blogosphere can give them a little bump.)

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Ten Buck Friday Button


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St. Louis Tea Party organizes BUYcott to help Ferguson businesses recover

2014_08 21 St Louis Tea Party shops in Ferguson

They reportedly targeted small businesses who “were hit hard by violence–violence committed (mostly) by out of town agitators, criminals, vandals, and hooligans.”

Why? Because, Bill Hennessy (one of the members who participated) writes, “you can’t change the world in your living room.”

Hennessy wrote about his experience in Ferguson and how their presence made residents rethink their preconceived notions of the tea party:

A gentleman (my age) in the salon (husband?) asked who we were with. I told him “St. Louis Tea Party.”

“Tea party?” he said. “You bad boys,” and chuckled. Then he looked at me, very serious. He said, “The tea party came up here to do this?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “we don’t want to see Ferguson go south.”

He laughed. And he looked at me. Then he was quiet, lost in thought for a minute. When he came out of it, he was like our best friend. Laughing, giving us crap about stuff, telling stories. He admitted baseball can be like “watching grass grow.”

In that moment of reflection, I’m sure he was trying to reconcile “tea party” with what he was seeing–four white people, ages 18 to 50, laughing, spending money, empathizing.

That moment made the whole event worthwhile.

Tea Party platform


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NOTHING this man says is TRUE.

However, EVERYTHING this man says IS dripping with hate.

Rev. William Barber Netroots- Little Black Girls at WH

Last January, William Barber said South Carolina Senator Tim Scott isn’t “black enough” because of his ties to the Tea Party. “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” Barber said.

Proverbs 6 The Lord hates


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Suit filed in MS voter fraud case

2014_07 Cochran McDaniels Voter fraud in MS

Fourteen plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit in federal court over the June 24 primary election runoff between Senator Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. One of the plaintiffs, True the Vote, says it has been inundated with reports of voter fraud from across Mississippi.

The lawsuit asks the court to grant immediate access to designated county representatives to inspect the poll books and ballots, give them the review time they are permitted by law, and allow them to uphold their responsibility to Mississippi voters.

Cochran won allegedly by convincing thousands of Black Democrats to cross over and vote for him in the runoff.

  • One campaign flyer claimed McDaniel intended to prevent blacks from voting.
  • A radio announcement implied that McDaniel was going to defund welfare.
  • A Black preacher says the Cochran campaign assured him that McDaniels was a racist and says he was given cash to pay Black Democrats to vote for Cochran.
  • Prior to the primary, Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole posted in Facebook that Democratic Party activists were buying votes for Cochran in at least five counties. “Large sums of cash are being passed around,” Cole said in the Facebook message.

Mississippi has open primaries. In closed primary states, voters may vote only in the primaries of their registered party. In open primary states, each voter has the right to vote in any party’s primary, but may not vote in more than one per race.

McDaniel says his people have already found over 1,500 votes in Hinds County and another 600-800 in Pine Belt in which individuals voted in the Democrat primary, then voted again in the GOP primary. That’s more than 2,000 illegal votes in just two of Mississippi’s 82 counties.

Cochran, who won the primary by only 7,000 votes, called the allegations “baseless and false.”

Major lawsuit over Senate race ‘shenanigans’ – July 1, 2014

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Is that not treason?

2014_06 Cheney OBAMA Toy Soldier

2014_06 Cheney on OBAMA Disaster heap and shiny balls

January 19, 2014: Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith at SC Tea Party Coalition Convention [3:22]

2014_06 Cheney and OBAMA Psalm 6


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Cantor defeat: Mythbuster edition

2012 Cantor Brat

Pistol Pete’s summary of the primary election is @

The following is excerpted from my Fox News Update email:

Eric Cantor lost his primary to Dave Brat, a small college economics professor. Cantor is House Majority Leader and 13-year incumbent Representative for Virginia’s 7th congressional district. This is the first time ever that a sitting House majority leader lost a primary.

  • Myth #1: Cantor was upended in a low-turnout election by a small number of Tea Party “radicals.”
  • Reality #1: Voter turnout for the primary was 28% HIGHER than it was for the presidential year primary of 2012. As Pistol Pete said, “This was what I call a ‘broken glass election. That’s one where you would crawl on your hands and knees over broken glass to get to the voting booth.”
  • Myth #2: Immigration outrage among downscale voters overwhelmed Cantor’s upscale electoral base.
  • Reality #2: Turnout was up fairly uniformly across the district, including in Cantor’s affluent home county which he lost.
  • Myth #3: Democrats crossed over in Virginia’s non-partisan primary to sabotage the stronger Republican candidate to improve their chances in the fall.
  • Reality #3: There is no evidence for this. For one thing, voter turn-out in the most Democratic neighborhoods lagged far behind turn-out in the most Republican areas. Second, Brat had a 10-point margin of victory, something mischievous Democrats couldn’t achieve.
  • Myth #4: The race was another battle in the national civil war between the national Tea Party and the national Republican establishment.
  • Reality #4: Brat did get a big boost from talk radio heavy hitters like Mark Levin, but he had zero backing from any of the national groups. Brat said, “I had wonderful people in the Tea Party grass roots helping me out, and they’re clearly responsible for the win, but I ran on the Republican principles.”

So what did happen?

Brat ran as Cantor’s “term limit.” Folks are deeply fed up with the corrupt status quo in Washington. Also, Cantor has made himself part of the anti-Tea Party effort to shift the Republican party back toward more conservative principles. Cantor also flip-flopped on immigration, which just deepened voter outrage about the business as usual cess pool that is Washington, D.C. politics.

And next fall?

Brat’s Democrat opponent, is a professor at the same college. He had little support from the Democrat machine while they assumed he’d be running against the incumbent. Since Brat’s win, they’re helping him; but the national Tea Party groups are coming in for Brat as well. This should be fun. Plus awkward at college staff meetings.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

The original plan was to make today an open thread because yours truly was getting pretty tired of all the crap. It is so rare that there is anything for us to truly feel good about I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. The full effect of what happened last night has not been fully manifested yet. I feel a pretty good rant coming on,so grab a refreshment and get comfortable.

For the last six long,agonizing years we have been forced to stand by helplessly while a deranged Kenyan dickweed has run roughshod over the legislative and judicial branches of the government. We keep waiting,in vain,for the republican party to show some political courage and stand up to him. They stand there with their thumbs hooked in their vest pockets and huff that they’ll have to pass a resolution if he keeps breaking the law. Then they turn around and tell the base “we will destroy you!”

They had a suspicion that the base wasn’t happy but they figured we were as ignorant and unprincipled as those on the liberal plantation. We’d still vote for whoever the party put up. Guess again. They don’t understand if it takes years to establish a party loyal to our founding principles then so be it.


Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity were,as expected,all over this last night. Among other guests,Megyn had Carl Cameron and Brit Hume. I like both of them,but they seem to have spent too long in DC. Cameron posits that Brat won because it was raining yesterday. Fox News Channel’s Washington-based chief political correspondent Carl Cameron blamed the rain for Eric Cantor’s loss to Dave Brat.

“It’s worth noting that the weather was foul here yesterday and today as well. So some of it may have been nature helping out David Brat.”

What he didn’t appreciate was that this was what I call a “broken glass” election. That’s one where you would crawl on your hands and knees over broken glass to get to the voting booth.

Brit Hume insisted that without ‘immigration reform’ to tout that the republicans have no chance of winning the White House in 2016. He is loathe to call it amnesty but that is precisely what it is. The so-called “pathway to citizenship” is as phony as Obama’s birth certificate. These illegals have no desire to become citizens. They want the jobs,the free housing,medical,food stamps and welfare. If Brit ever sojourned near a Latin neighborhood he’d see the sign in every storefront window announcing wire service to Mexico.

The FOX News hosts are fuming over Dave Bratt’s upset tonight over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Brit Hume led the charge tonight:

“The margin is amazing… The conventional wisdom on this Megyn is already begun to form. It goes this way. That this is bad news long term for the Republicans and great news for Democrats. It is argued by some that immigration reform now will never pass with Republicans who were very much chastened by what happened to Eric Cantor.”


Even Blabbermouth put down her mayonnaise to chime in:

The left had to chirp about Linda Grahamnesty winning his primary last night and bragged about he won because he supports amnesty. Truth is,he ran against 6 candidates. The Tea Party in South Carolina is very territorial and the four could not agree on one candidate to endorse so they split the vote. Grahamnesty also actively solicited democrats to cross over and vote for him. About 20% of his total was from democrat switchovers who will now switch back. Truth is, Linda is just damn lucky. In 2010 the dems ran a convicted drug dealer against him and now he managed to avoid a runoff thanks to democrat shenanigans.

However,there was another primary in the Palmetto State yesterday. Tim Scott… you know,the one the NAALCP accused of being a puppet with the racist white slavemasters pulling his strings? Yeah,that one. He got 90% of the vote in his primary. He garnered more than 60,000 more votes than McCain’s butt boy.



The thing that terrifies me now is what will happen between November and January. If the democrats do,indeed,lose their majority in the Senate expect them to try to shove some parting gifts through before they go to work as lobbyists. This is what happened here in Illinois. On the very last day of the lame duck the dems passed a 67% income tax increase. They got no republican votes. The single vote it passed by was bought from an outgoing dem who got a cushy advisory job making mid-six figures to do basically nothing. That’s how they do it here in the land of the undead voter.



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