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Occupy a few brain cells why dontcha?

Occupy the Farm anti-capitalist uses iPhone

Nothing like tweeting anti-capitalist bs on your iPhone to pass the time at a totally useless protest of … ummm … not sure what. It looks more like an excuse to hang out and smoke dope than anything else.

More excellent mockery of the latest Occupy absurdity @



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The Occupy “movement” is SO over

2013_04 25 Occupy NRA protest in DC

As per usual for those Leftist “grassroots” movements, the signs were pre-printed glossy affairs handed out free to anyone who would agree to hold them.

Snarking @ Twitchy:

  • True. Not a lot of media, but still …
    • … more media than at the start of the Gosnell trial.
    • … more media than at the 500,000 strong March for Life.
  • OMG!!!! Look at the tens of people! >:^)
  • The Subway closest to my office has a larger amount of people waiting in line for a sandwich at noon.
  • I just got back from the gun shop to pick up a new AR and there were more people waiting to pick up their new guns than at this protest.
  • That’s about a big a crowd as Sandra Fluke could draw.
  • That’s the 90% of Americans who favor gun control?
  • I’ve seen that many cross a Manhattan street on one green.
  • Whatever you don’t let them form a drum circle.

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Chrissy’s Site Bites @

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Posted by Pistol Pete

You will be hard-pressed to find a news program on television or radio today that does not lead with the secret video allegedly taped by Jimmuh Carters grandson for Mother Jones and released yesterday.It was from a private fundraiser in May when Romney referred to welfare parasites as what they are….welfare parasites.The carrion crows in the press will leave not a scrap of flesh on these bones as they set about picking it clean.The liberals are dancing in the streets shouting ‘Obama just won the election!’

I think reports of Romney’s demise may be slightly exaggerated.He needs to point out that Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the 53% who are providing for the 47%.He needs to stop being so reactive and start being proactive.If he lets Obama’s surrogates dictate the terms,he is in deep trouble.

In other news,yesterday was the first anniversary of OWS.There were plans by some to dress in suits to try to infiltrate corporate offices,but it didn’t work too well.Being as how thy never wore a necktie,they tied them around their heads like a headband.They also used marijuana sprigs in their lapels as a boutonniere and rubber flipflops don’t go well with a herringbone suit.


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Occupy’s well-planned use of liberal idiots

According to “Occupy Unmasked,” a new film from Citizens United due later this summer, the Occupy movement was organized by radical leftist activists from the very beginning.

It was the radical left’s latest program, a continuation of the anti-war movement from the sixties.

It followed a three-tiered model the Left had used before.

The “green” group consisted of useful idiots, regular liberal citizens who came to protest.

The “yellow” group consisted of individuals willing to break the law, like handcuffing themselves across a road.

The “red” group consisted of the most violent anarchist organizers and professional agitators. They were there to create scenes that swept innocent “greens” into confrontations with the police.

The film is rated ‘R’ for violence and vulgarity. Regular people didn’t see any of that footage in the alphabet media’s largely pro-Occupy reporting. Below is the link to the trailer, which frankly I find disturbing as hell.

Occupy Unmasked – Official Movie Trailer – Citizens United Productions [2:26]

The trailer for the new film produced by Citizens United and directed by Stephen K. Bannon. “Occupy Unmasked” goes deep into the “Occupy” movement and exposes its origins as well as the radical ideas behind “income inequality” that has become the centerpiece of the Obama re-election effort.

See more @

H/t to Pistol Pete for source @ Film: Occupy wasn’t spontaneous, it was a scheme – July 19, 2012

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Leaders vs Losers – Tea Party vs Occupy

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

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Insight: Can Occupy Wall Street survive? – Jun 7, 2012

Tea Party Movement

Media Cheer Wall Street Occupiers But Jeered Tea Partiers


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Who are the One Percent?

To the extremists of Occupy Wall Street, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans are all Wall Street vultures preying on vulnerable workers.

The reality is quite different.  For one thing, they live all over the country. For another, they are much more likely to be physicians or self-made business owners than hedge fund managers.

Some things do characterize top earners, but it isn’t race, conservative politics or even silver spoon families. (Only two in five inherited money. The rest made it on their own.)

One percenters work much longer hours than the rest of us. They are more likely to be self-employed and nearly twice as likely to be married. They also have more children (though not more cars) than middle- and upper-middle-class families.

A vast majority graduated from college and, in a whopping 27 percent of couples, both partners have advanced degrees.

They earn less than 20 percent of all pre-tax income nationally, pay more than 25 percent of all federal taxes and account for nearly 33% of all charitable giving.

So much for the idle, selfish rich myth.

The overall average income for all of the top 1 percenters nationally was $1.5 million a year. At the top end are billionaires like Warren Buffett.

At the bottom end are households that earned as little as $380,000 a year … which is $20,000 less than we pay President Obama, whose job also includes enormous perks like luxury housing and five star cuisine, round the clock security, limousine, helicopter and private jet service, and dozens of office and household staffers.

Obama also has a fortune tucked away from previous years when his book sales brought him millions in extra income. Since his book income dropped, he is no longer in the stratosphere of the top ten percent of the top 1 percent. This group of the super rich has only 120,000 tax filers in it. Their average income in 2011 was $6.8 million.

But in 2009, Obama took in $5.5 million from book sales, making him easily a member of the evil elite … or so the Occupiers would say, if they had any sense.

Although many one percenters lean toward the Republican Party, they’re far from politically homogeneous.  Just take a quick look at prominent Democrat supporters like Warren Buffett and George Soros, mega-rich entertainers like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Moore and Tyler Perry, and the goodly number of wealthy politicians.

See: The Democrats and Class Warfare

But even those who say they don’t mind paying more in taxes aren’t happy with being demonized for being hard-working and successful. Some say they fear the class warfare that Democrats and Occupiers are promoting puts their families’ safety in jeopardy. Some have been personally targeted by protesters, making their fears understandable.

One pair of the “evil, idle” one percenters interviewed by the New York Times didn’t even know about Occupy Wall Street. They are much too busy curing cancer 11 hours a day, then squeezing in some quality time with their two children to follow politics. When the slogan was explained, the wife shook her head and suggested some context was in order. She and her husband had spent fourteen years each studying and working long hours to achieve their current income level. And they are still paying off medical school loans.

Another man noted that he had built his business from scratch and is proud of it. He works hard, creates jobs and contributes to charitable causes. “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m helping a lot of people.”

One noted, “If you pay $50 million in taxes, is that fair or unfair? When a tax is specifically designated for a tenth of a percent of the economy, it’s hard not to feel targeted.”

But is this wise? Do we really want to allow the Left to demonize hard work and success?  If the pot at the end of the rainbow has nothing in it but scorn, slander and punitive taxes, who will bother to give up so much to invent a new gadget, get advanced professional training, or build the businesses that provide the products, services and jobs we all want?

Jon Lovitz slams Obama and Occupy Wall Street (Profanity Warning) [5:15]


Among the Wealthiest 1 Percent, Many Variations by Chang W. Lee – January 14, 2012

Who are the 1 percent?  NY Post editorial – January 17, 2012

Obama family 2010 income falls to $1.73 million from $5.5 million – April 19, 2011


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The Occupy Bowel Movement

Three scenes from surveillance video cameras:

1> March 14, 2012: Just before 8 pm, surveillance video shows Occupy Wall Street demonstrators dragging large quantities of human urine and feces in containers to an open-air plaza at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Streets in Lower Manhattan, then pouring the waste down the stairs there.

2> March 14, 2012: About 20 minutes later, one of the suspects entered a Chase ATM vestibule on Water Street and poured human waste on the floor.

3> March 16, 2012: A witness provided a license plate number of the van used to transport the waste. NYPD apprehended the owner (Jordan Brooks Amos, 25, of Philadelphia, PA) on Wall Street.

Amos has been charged with Unlawful Possession of Noxious Matter (human urine and feces) and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle.



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