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Obamas have Suffered from Rampant American Racism

Breitbart – A modern American president lives in a bubble of security, mostly shielded from the rest of the country. But that doesn’t protect the Obamas from racism, the First Lady says in an exclusive interview with People magazine.
Oh yeah. This’ll bring the country together…


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With friends like FLOTUS …

Michelle Obama is more popular than her husband on the campaign circuit, but that doesn’t mean she’s a huge asset.

On October 10, she called Bruce Braley, the Democrat’s candidate for Senate in Iowa, “Bruce Bailey” … seven times. Eleven days later, she returned to Iowa, where she poked fun at herself for getting Braley’s name wrong, then her staff sent out a copy of her remarks with the heading “Democratic candidate for governor Bruce Braley.”

Michelle refers to Mark Udall as a “Fifth-Generation Coloradan.”

Michelle also said, “We will get Mark Udall into office.”

SENATOR Mark Udall was born in Arizona and moved to Colorado only after he had graduated from college. His opponent, Cory Gardner, however … now HE actually is a fifth-generation Coloradan.

2014 Cory Gardner for Senate



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Words fail me.

I have really tried to ignore Michelle Obama as much as possible, but gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2014_09 11 Michelle's charity project shirt

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.” – James 3:13 (NIV)


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Elitism and school lunches

I think nothing quite shows the elitist mentality underpinning the Obamacrats’ “Rules for thee but not for me” gestalt better than the lunch restrictions mandated by Michelle Obama for public school kids versus the lunches her own daughters actually consume at their expensive private school.

Since Michelle’s federal school lunch overhaul was implemented, students and parents have been complaining that the food is unappetizing and the servings too skimpy, particularly for high school athletes and rapidly growing teen boys.  If schools don’t ask for federal reimbursement on their lunches, they can serve whatever they want. Many schools that can afford to forgo the federal reimbursement have done so.

Michelle's school lunches for public kids

However, recently even the less affluent schools have started to dump the federal menus because they have realized they aren’t selling enough lunches to qualify for the reimbursements anyway.  School nutritionists say the allegedly “healthier” mandated restrictions make it virtually impossible to prepare meals that students will actually eat. One estimate suggests that $1 billion worth of food has gone into the garbage PER YEAR since the allegedly “healthier” mandates started.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama’s daughters eat the #1 ranked school lunches in the country at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. If Michelle’s federal lunch standards are so HEALTHY, then why do her daughters get to eat stuff like Breadsticks & Cheese, BBQ Wings, and Black Bean & Tortilla Casserole (Tuesday, September 2, 2014 menu) and Freshly Baked Muffins, Tuna Pasta Salad, and Pizza (Wednesday, September 3, 2014 menu)?

Michelle's daughters' school lunches


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Barack and Michelle and Bo and Sunny

I learned everything I needed to know about the Obamas from watching their behavior as dog owners. Take this photo, for example.

Bo pulling Barack

Every time I see it, I wonder how Cesar Millan feels about the Obama presidency now; he was a big fan of Obama when Barack was running the first time. And when the First Family was looking for their first dog, the Dog Whisperer publicly offered to help them get the right dog for their family.

They ignored him and went with the political choice, a dog from Ted Kennedy’s kennel. And they named him Bo, though they claimed it was not after Barack Obama, but after Bo Diddly. Riiiiiiiiiight. This six-month-old, untrained dog had been returned to the Kennedy kennel by its first owner! Makes you wonder if Ted took a tax deduction for foisting him off on the First Family.

I can’t imagine anything worse than a large, high-energy hunting breed for this family living with a still-small child in a rented city apartment full of borrowed antiques.  It’s clear from the earliest photos that Sasha was actually afraid of Bo.  She’s bigger now and the dogs are better trained, but I still haven’t seen any photos of her holding a leash or getting close to either of the dogs.

I love dogs and followed Bo’s career for a long while. Despite Barack and Michelle’s public proclamations that the GIRLS would be responsible for all of their puppy’s care and training, there are very few images of ANY of the Obamas exercising Bo. The few I have seen show this leash-pulling canine who clearly disrespects the human on the other end.

Google “bo and sunny dog pic” and check out the photos. Most are of the dogs alone or with a handler. When they bring the dogs out for a PR event, Michelle and Malia hold a leash, but where I’ve been able to see a sequence, it’s clear the dog is brought to them for a PR show walk, then taken away again.  My guess is that Bo’s real Alpha is the trainer/groomer who, if reports are true, pulls down 6 figures. Taxpayers foot that bill, of course.

A while back, the Obamas adopted a second member of the same large, high-energy, hunting breed.  One can only hope Bo’s Alpha is taking care of both dogs for the same exorbitant salary. It’s probably a lot better for Bo to have a doggy buddy to run with, but knowing the Obamas, I expect they were more motivated by Barack’s bad press than by Bo’s canine comfort. It must’ve been a real bummer for them when Sunny’s arrival didn’t generate even a thousandth of the breathless media drool-age that Bo’s did.

And check out this fiasco from just six months ago. This is Sunny, Bo’s “sister” at a Christmas party for small and disabled children.

2013_12 05 Sunny Obama knocks down 2 year old

If you’ve never watched The Dog Whisperer, you might not understand just how much is wrong with the whole scenario. For starters, it was totally avoidable, since Sunny was obviously not ready for an exciting event like meeting a room full of children and food smells.

Bringing her to the party at all was a questionable decision and it’s clear that Michelle had no control. She should have been holding Sunny’s collar, not her leash, and the collar should have been a choke chain that would provide the kind of control one needs over a large, strong, undisciplined dog who is entering a potentially excitement-rich environment.

2013_12 05 Sunny Obama knocks down 2 year old cut

I totally believe Michelle loves children and that Sunny just wanted to play. But look at the photos. What Michelle and Sunny did to that little girl is like a perfect little parable of the Obama White House:

  • They ignore experts and behave as if they already know everything worth knowing.
  • They choose the political over the responsible and the easy over the challenging.
  • And they end up hurting others and embarrassing themselves.

If they wanted to bring the dog to this party, Michelle should have retrieved her outside the room, then kept her at heel in the the doorway and, only when the dog was calm, should Michelle have initiated the entrance into the room by stepping through first and then allowing the dog to enter. This simple maneuver would’ve established for Sunny that Michelle was Alpha.

Once in the room, Sunny should not have been allowed near the crowd of children and food, but instead taken to a quiet corner by Michelle who should have put her in a Down/Stay until Sunny was thoroughly calm and ready to greet ONE older child who knew how to maintain an Alpha presence and who had an adult very nearby to protect the child from a sudden, playful lunge.

And all of this could’ve been done with a running commentary about what Michelle was doing with the dog and why. The children would have learned some valuable life lessons and Michelle and Sunny would’ve been covered in glory.


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How iz Made Law in United States of Amerika

Just had to repost this brilliant little video by PoliNation regular Mindful Webworker.

How iz Made Law in United States of Amerika [1:10]



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MEDIA FAIL: CNN anchor flunks Civics 101

  • Remember when we elected Michelle Obama to tell us how to feed our kids?
  • Yeah. Me neither.

On May 27, 2014, CNN’s Carol Costello claimed Michelle Obama ‘Signed The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Into Law’

From TPNN:  It’s incredible that we live in a time when the President has dismissed the Supreme Court’s importance as “an unelected group” of people, but has offered his wife a chance to combat Congress on a measure in the House from the bully pulpit of the White House.

CNN Anchor: Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law By Todd Cefaratti – May 27, 2014


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Hashtag diplomacy

WEEKS after a Nigerian activist launched the #BringBackOurGirls campaign that helped get journalists interested in the terrorist kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls, FLOTUS used her massive personal influence to further the cause of rescuing the girls before their savage kidnappers sell them into slavery.

She sent a tweet.

2014_05 07 Michelle hashtagBringBackOurGirls

Via Twitchy:

  • Your husband is President and a hashtag on twitter is the best you can do?!?
  • Changing the world. Failure.
  • Yeah, that hashtag is literally the least you can do.
  • There’s something peculiarly end of civilization about the First Lady’s tweet.
  • Surely a hashtag will tug at Boko Haram’s heartstrings, right?
  • Especially when it’s got a real serious looking FLOTUS selfie HOLDING a hand written sign!
  • Hashtag Foreign Policy. Take it to Twitter. That will show ‘em.
  • Michelle’s tweet further proves that action is not as important as “feeling” for the left.
  • Modern liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of talking, not doing.
  • Yup. Someone “calls on government” to do something and the world gets fixed. It’s that easy!
  • Hashtag activism may be the the ultimate example of completely pointless self-satisfaction.
  • They don’t *actually* care. They do it to inflate themselves. It is the emptiest of empty gestures.

Hillary Clinton … whose husband refused to go after Osama bin Laden … weighed in with her own self-aggrandizing and nonsensical tweet that suggested somewhere in the world there exists a conscionable reason to target innocent girls.

2014_05 04 Hillary Clinton tweet bringbackourgirls

Please note Clinton’s tweet was THREE DAYS before Mooch got around to hers. But then, Mooch included a selfie and a hand-written sign, so undoubtedly took  lots more time and thought. Or something.

Via Mark Steyn:

“Just as the last floppo hashtag, #WeStandWithUkraine, didn’t actually involve standing with Ukraine, so #BringBackOurGirls doesn’t require bringing back our girls. There are only a half-dozen special forces around the planet capable of doing that without getting most or all of the hostages killed: the British, the French, the Americans, Israelis, Germans, Aussies, maybe a couple of others. So, unless something of that nature is being lined up, those schoolgirls are headed into slavery, and the wretched pleading passivity of Mrs Obama’s hashtag is just a form of moral preening.”

Last October, Steyn reported another Boko Haram atrocity:

“The other day, members of Boko Haram, a group of (surprise!) Muslim ‘extremists’, broke into an agricultural college in Nigeria and killed some four dozen students. The dead were themselves mainly Muslim, but had made the fatal mistake of attending a non-Islamic school. ‘Boko Haram’ means more or less ‘Learning is sinful.'”

2014_05 13 Working hashtag foreign policy

Yeah. Cuz you know what terrorists respond to? Smoking holes where their buddies used to be. Not hashtags.


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