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We’re still here. And we vote.

About one in four Americans support the Tea Party. And because of our interest and motivation, we are a powerful force both within the Republican Party and as an identifiable American voter bloc.

2014_09 30 GALLUP issues and voter motivation poll

Looking at these numbers strongly suggests to me that, as a group, we Tea Partiers are by far the more informed on what actually makes the economy WORK.

E.g., the left-wing wants good jobs, but their high rankings for the non-existent gender pay gap and job-killing redistribution of wealth policies make it very clear they actually believe the Star Trek cashless economy could ever work outside a monastery.

Also notice how Tea Partiers put availability of good jobs down at #8. An uninformed conclusion from this would be that we don’t give a crap about people being out of work; however, the reality is that all of the issues ranked higher (high taxes, illegal workers competing for jobs, Obamacare punishing employers, and instability of foreign oil markets) directly impact the availability of good jobs.

Meanwhile, the non-Tea Party Republicans (who have given only slightly more thought/study to the issues) place availability of good jobs at #2, but delegate the issues that actually affect job creation way below.

I really wish more people read Thomas Sowell.


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Glad to announce that after almost 24 hours in intensive care my Univac has been revived and,hopefully ready for more abuse.My tech guy had to take the machine home with him after an hour yesterday because he said having 2 or 3 viruses was normal,mine had 17.Also,with no browsers open,most computers are running 50-60 programs.Mine has 126.It took till 3:30 this morning to remove all the viruses and make it perform like it should.He brought it back today and DW answered the door while I was curled up in the fetal position,sucking my thumb and whimpering softly.
I had a bunch of things bookmarked yesterday and,of course,much has been posted since then.I’ll try to pick some relevant stuff for you.
A special thanks to Mindful and CtH for filling in.I always enjoy what they post because of the professional style.










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WOW! Look what Bob just did!

2014_10 24 Lucy played squatted for 131 pts

I almost don’t mind getting clobbered by someone capable of a play this elegant!


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I’m an American and I vote

I'm an American

2014_10 23 Three assaults on our safety


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Blogs Come and Go, and Sometimes Move Up to Better Digs!

Click HERE to check out their newer site. We use a lot of their agitprop and images, so please visit if you like.

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Top Dem’s WIFE now gets Executive Privilege protection?

Eric Holder’s wife, Dr. Sharon Malone, is an obstetrician and the mother of their three children.

2014_10 24 Obama exec priv to Holder's wife



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Pope Saint John Paul II … what a guy! :0)

JPII skiing

During one of his clandestine ski excursions, a young boy noticed the Pope and began shouting “The Pope, the Pope!” The priest accompanying the Holy Father told the youngster, “Don’t be silly! …” —before they rushed back to their car and bolted to the Vatican. On another occasion, a boy of about eight seemed to be watching the Holy Father, who kept smiling back at him. Eventually, the youngster approached him and asked, “Are you the Pope?” John Paul’s reply? “Yes, do you want to ski with me?” The two went up the ski lift and down the mountain a number of times. After one of their runs, the boy yelled to his mother, who was sitting in a chair at the bottom of the slope, “Mom, did you know I’m skiing with the Pope?” The mom simply grinned and shook her head at the boy’s overactive imagination. Later in the morning, John Paul decided to pay a visit to the mother, who an eyewitness described as “flabbergasted.”

—From the book “Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves” by Jason Evert.

Order here: http://www.ignatius.com/Products/SJPG-H/saint-john-paul-the-great.aspx?src=ipfb

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