Ordinarily,in the course of ny day I get my papers delivered,come home,have some breakfast and research some websites before crawling into bed for my morning nap.However I have to do something first thing this morning which forestalls my retreat into dreamland.To stay awake long enough to do what I have to takes extra strong coffee.Been drinking it almost as long as I can remember.Never had a latte,cappucino,espresso or any of thise other $5 sissy drinks you get at Starbucks.I just wonder who the first person was who said:if I crush these beans and put them in hot water,I’ll bet it would taste AWESOME!










I know there’s not much chance anybody will see this,but if they do,I hope they get a little smile,at least.

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God sent us a greeting for 9-11

September 10, 2014 Sunset over Richmond, VA

2014_09 10 Sunset over Richmond, VA

Before you cry “PHOTOSHOP!” … check out these three other sunset pics taken by three different people that same evening, all in Virginia.

2014_09 10 Sunset

2014_09 10 Sunset in VA

2014_09 10 American flag sunset


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I can’t believe I went to bed last night when the Beloved Bears were losing to the 49ers 20-7.Got up this morning and found out they’d rallied in the fourth quarter to win 28-20.Well,at least they won’t go 0-16 this year.



Not only do we have to put up with Obama for another 2 1/2 long years,now we’ve got these two immoral grifters coming back to hog the stage.I’m including a link about hem today.Sorry,can’t help it.






Meme 0862



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Here’s one excuse that won’t fly

You know all those bogus excuses people use to not get out of bed on Sunday? “It’s too cold” is one that rarely passes muster at this church!

2014_09 North Pole church bulletin

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Tie-Dyed Tyranny

2014_09 Tie Dyed Tyranny by Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Tie-Dyed Tyranny [6:48]

bluebird of bitterness adds:

More good stuff from Bill Whittle

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Where Do You Live, Mark Zuckerberg?

Obamadelphia, DC: The New US Capital

Not One of Us

Losing the Peace in Iraq

Evil or Stupid?

Why Benghazi Matters

It Takes a Superhero


The Wolf, the Bear, and the Lambs

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Happy 200th birthday to our national anthem

It was on this day in 1814 that a young American lawyer and poet named Francis Scott Key wrote what was to become his most famous poem, “Defence of Fort McHenry,” while on board a British Navy ship in Chesapeake Bay. Key had been negotiating with the British for the release of a prisoner they had taken in their raid on Washington, but because he had heard about the Navy’s plans for attacking Baltimore, he was not released until after the battle. That was how he came to witness the bombardment of Fort McHenry from the deck of H.M.S. Tonnant on the night of September 13. When the sun rose the following morning, and Key saw the Stars and Stripes flying over Fort McHenry, the sight inspired him to write a poem. Soon afterward, Key’s words were set to the melody of a popular song by English composer John Stafford Smith, and it quickly became known as “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“The Star-Spangled Banner” became the national anthem of the United States on March 3, 1931. Often criticized for being difficult to sing and/or for glorifying warfare, it remains stubbornly popular with the American people; and two centuries years after its composition, its ability to send a shiver up the patriotic spine and bring a tear to the patriotic eye remain intact.



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Another beheading, another round of golf

2014_09 13 Third ISIS beheading video

BREAKING: ISIS Terrorists Behead British Hostage, David Haines (VIDEO) [1:13]


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Boatlift 9-11: Greater even than Dunkirk

This is a MUST SEE video.  (Get some tissues.)

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience [11:56]


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